Why sintered slabs need net reinforcement?

  • Sintered slab is one of the most popular decoration material in recent years.
  • Currently we have the dimensions of 2400×1200mm、760×2550mm、3200×1600mm、3600×1600mm and etc., thickness ranges from 3mm to 20mm, daily capacity of 5,000-15,000m2 for one line.
  • Sintered slab of 3-6mm often has the problem of crack due to the large dimension, so many manufactories have the net reinforcement solution for the slab.
  • Veegoo automatic net reinforcement line is the solution for this problem

Flowchart of Automatic Net Reinforcement Line

Veegoo automatic net reinforcement line has the following advantages


Safe and reliable

Slab with net reinforcement will not fall down when damage.

High capacity

according to the different slab dimensions, the daily capacity can reach 5000 m², which can fully meet high capacity of sintered slab.

Enhance crack resistance of slab

Slab with net reinforcement can effectively improve the crack resistance.

Good chemical characteristics

The saturated resin can be directly bonded to the connecting material without reaction.

Reduce loss and cost

Slab with net reinforcement can largely reduce the probability of slab damage.