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Veegoo Smart Factory

Veegoo's new factory, total area of 40,000 square meters, is equipped with a new office and dormitory building, manufacturing shop, warehouse, garden, basketball court and other amenities. Veegoo rewards its employees by providing a fully equipped dormitory, leisure area with table-tennis, billiards, basketball court, e.g. as well as other living facilities enabling Veegoo to attract high-quality talent.

More highlights are in upgrading software and hardware: Veegoo has made a large investment in upgrading the PLM system and launching ERP, MES, WMS systems, etc. For hardware, Veegoo installs electronic board, PDA scanner, AGV trolley, and automated warehouse. End result: creating a true smart factory.

Now, Veegoo are of more value to our customers by including an smart production line, real-time tracking of raw materials and finished products, programming and carrying out of whole factory logistic system supported by advanced R&D capabilities, whole project delivery proficiency, and skilled talents.

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At VEEGOO, we always analyze our customers' requirements from every possible aspect in order to determine the most appropriate solution.

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Since its establishment, in 2011, Veegoo has installed 98 Quartz Plants and 81 Resin Lines. Besides China mainland,
we have installed 71 complete lines and some machines in Europe, USA, Turkey, South Korea, India, Oman, Vietnam, Cambodia, Namibia, Lebanon and Taiwan.